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Bryan Ramirez' musical journey began before he took his first steps, with the rhythm of music accompanying him throughout life. Mastering the guitar, piano, ukulele, and his soulful singing voice, Bryan interprets cover songs and unveils his own originals with a unique flair. From contemporary hits to classic rock, hip-hop, country, and even show tunes, he's often hailed as a human jukebox with a vast repertoire of over 2500 songs.

Innovatively, Bryan has crafted a convenient smartphone request format, allowing you to peruse his extensive song library and effortlessly make requests from the comfort of your device. Whether making jokes or sharing stories onstage, performing in any weather, or serenading into the late hours, Bryan's passion for what he does shines through. From intimate venues to grand corporate events and weddings, he has embraced diverse opportunities. Beyond the music, Bryan treasures the connections forged and the memories created in those shared moments.



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Bryan Holding Guitar Upright


We came out tonight just to hear you! You were awesome as always
Annette G.

He's a true gentleman and musician! A MUST SEE!!

Brian W.

You were great man!!!
Wayne L.

Niiiice NJ got some dope talent 🔥
Justin R.

This guy is great. Highly recommend
John F.

Omg this totally took my IG feeds to the next level!!
Lindsay B.

Good stuff brother
Mickey B.

Awesome voice buddy 👏🔥🙌
Mario S.

You have a great voice and a great selection of songs that you sing! My husband and I always enjoy listening to you!
Annette G.

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